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LAB profile influencing in communication

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Mastering the Language of Influence

Influencing & Persuading People

Words That Change Minds training is based on the Language & Behavior Profile (LAB Profile).
Our online training is ususlly in Hungarian, however it is avaliable in English as well - please contact us.

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Introduction to LAB Profile

Every day, in every situation, people communicate through thinking and motivation patterns. As humans, we respond immediately when someone "speaks our language" to communicate with us in return.

The Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile) is a way of thinking about people and groups that allows us to notice and respond with just the right Influencing Language. It's tailored to each situation and structured to allow us to understand

  • how people get motivated,
  • how they process information,
  • and how they make decisions.

Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile)

The LAB profile is a set of about a dozen questions that you can feed into casual conversation or use as a formal survey for groups. You pay attention to how people talk when they answer, rather than what they talk about. Even when a person does not answer the question directly, he will reveal his pattern by the manner in which he answers (or doesn't).

As you become familiar with the questions and the kind of responses people give, you will find that you can hear and pick up the patterns people use without having to actually ask the questions. You can immediately use the Influencing Language that is just right for the situation. People communicate with their particular patterns naturally as they speak, both in words and in their body language, and they respond immediately when you use their language.

Many people and organizations on five continents are now using these tools to:

  • establish a deep level of rapport and communicate effectively with anyone
  • take the pain out of implementing organizational change
  • shorten the sales cycle and guarantee customer satisfaction
  • design powerful marketing and advertising campaigns
  • hire people who are motivated to perform
  • dramatically improve results in negotiation and litigation
  • adapt training and education programs to satisfy diverse needs
  • increase self knowledge and self esteem
  • simplify career counseling and professional coaching
  • create high performance teams by managing peoples' strengths instead of suffering from their weaknesses.

Program (three days)

  • the 6 Motivation Triggers that people need to get excited about something
  • the 8 Working Traits that describe how people process information, environments they need to be productive, their response to stress and how they get convinced
  • how to discover the patterns for an individual or group
  • using the appropriate Influencing Language for maximum impact
  • irresistible language
  • how to apply this tool to any communication context

Imagine what you'll achieve when you master irresistible language patterns!

You can get in touch with us by filling out
our sign up form or simply call the numbers bellow. The next open traninig is in September in Hungarian.

The originator of this program and our trainer of LAB profile is Shelle Rose Charvet her website is:


Our clients said

"I always knew that you can do magic with words. Now I know how to do it. "

"Amazing! Excellent coach with an excellent program. Highly recommended!"

"I am a skeptic. I received nononsense, practical toolset that I can use everyday."

"I started to see results on the first day."

"People, do not go there. The use of LAB profile is an unfair advantage, I do not want to lose it... "


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