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About the Language and Behavior Profile
(LAB Profile)

The Words That Change Minds program is based on the the LAB Profile that is based on cognitive science.

In 1982, Ross M. Steward and Rodger C. Bailey started to commercialize the meta-program model under the name of LAB Profile.

One of their first customers was Southwest Airlines, which started to use the LAB Profile technology in October 1982 for all its recruiting, from V.P.'s to baggage handlers. Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines' CEO till 2001, was featured on the early advertising for the LAB Profile.

The commercial development of the LAB Profile model is now with Shelle Rose Charvet authorized by Rodger Bailey to do so. Shelle founded the company "Success Strategies / Stratégies de Réussite" (based in Canada) with the sole focus of promoting offerings on and based on LAB Profile. Some of the clients of Success Strategies include well known companies like Air Canada, AstraZeneca, Deloitte, IBM Europe or Microsoft.

The Career Institute has the licence since 2008 to teach the LAB profile, and organize Words That Change Minds trainings.

Our clients in Hungary include: AAM; ABC; Audi; BKF; Cemex; Coloplast; ELMÜ; Federal Mogul; Grenor; Hungarocontrol; Invitel; MŰISZ Group; Michelin; Manpower; MÁV; Nokia; Roche, Samsung;Telenor; Trenkwalder; Vodafone; Wallis Group


Our clients said

"I always knew that you can do magic with words. Now I know how to do it. "

"Amazing! Excellent coach with an excellent program. Highly recommended!"

"I am a skeptic. I received nononsense, practical toolset that I can use everyday."

"I started to see results on the first day."

"People, do not go there. The use of LAB profile is an unfair advantage, I do not want to lose it... "


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